Company Need A New Forklift? Why You Should Consider Propane

17 June 2015
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If you are planning to buy a new forklift for your company, you should consider purchasing a propane forklift instead of an electric one. 

They Have Power

A propane forklift has a lot of power and maintains 100 percent of their power during operation. This means, if you have heavy loads, a propane forklift can push them while at full capacity even if you are moving product from one end of your building to another, even while going up or down inclines. They can also work for a longer amount of time when compared to an electric forklift.

Cost Effective

Your gas or diesel powered forklifts produce deposits on the engine while they are being used, which has to be cleaned. This takes time and costs money in cleaning agents. Because a propane forklift does not use gas, you will not have this problem. Propane engines may also last longer when compared to gas engines.  It also takes less time to refuel a propane forklift when compared to a gas-powered one, which means your employees can spend more time doing their job.

Good for the Environment

If you have a green company then you should have a propane forklift. Propane is a clean-burning fuel and it is non-toxic. You do not have to worry about spillage and propane will not evaporate into the atmosphere. The vapor from propane does not cause air pollution, and it is less harmful if it is inhaled by people or animals. Propane will also not damage saltwater, freshwater, or marine life.

Saves Time

An electric forklift will run out of power at some point, and you have to stop and recharge it. This can take some time, and can be an inconvenience if you have only one forklift and need it during that time. A propane forklift, on the other hand, keeps going as long as you have propane.

Used Both Indoor and Outdoor

If you use an electrical forklift outside and it gets wet, the parts will short circuit. If you have product that you need to move both inside and outside, such as taking product to a loading dock, a propane forklift can do this for you, as rain or snow will not harm it because it does not have electrical parts. Because you can use it both inside and outside, you can store it almost anywhere you like on your property, such as in a storage shed outside. This also saves you a lot of space inside, as you will not have to have a place to keep your forklifts.

Besides these advantages, you can refuel a propane forklift much quicker than an electric one. When you run out of propane, you only have to swap one cylinder out for a new one. This takes much less time than filling up a forklift's tank with gas. Contact a local outlet, such as Mills Fuel Service Inc, for further assistance.