Two Tips For Storing Your Company’s Industrial Batteries

18 November 2015
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Your business may rely on industrial batteries for a number of purposes. However, if you have only recently started a company that uses these devices, you may not realize the appropriate steps needed to properly store them. As a result, you may make mistakes that can shorten the lifespan of these devices. By following these two tips, you can help make sure that your business is getting the most from its investment in batteries. Read More 

Using Your Senses To Check Your Outside Propane Tank After Severe Weather

25 June 2015
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You should always see to the integrity of your outdoor propane tank after any severe storm or other weather condition. Extreme weather can physically impact your tank or cause a leak. Here's how you should use your senses when checking your tank after severe weather. Use Your Nose and Ears The smell of propane is a strong odor akin to rotten eggs. If you smell it as you approach your propane tank, then it's possible you have a leak. Read More 

Company Need A New Forklift? Why You Should Consider Propane

17 June 2015
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If you are planning to buy a new forklift for your company, you should consider purchasing a propane forklift instead of an electric one.  They Have Power A propane forklift has a lot of power and maintains 100 percent of their power during operation. This means, if you have heavy loads, a propane forklift can push them while at full capacity even if you are moving product from one end of your building to another, even while going up or down inclines. Read More 

Choosing The Right Propane Appliances For Your Tiny Home

28 May 2015
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Propane appliances are a frugal and practical choice when living in a tiny home. Some tiny home dwellers use boat or camper appliances for their tiny spaces. Depending on your space, whether your home is mobile or stationary and whether you are living on- or off-grid, there is an abundance of choices. Propane Refrigerators Propane refrigerator design is much simpler, because they do not need electrical components. They have no moving parts other than the thermostat, and the cooling unit is completely sealed. Read More 

Why Is Heating Oil Popular In The Northeast?

18 May 2015
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If you're new to rural New England, you might be wondering why most households still use heating oil. It's surprising, considering that the price of heating oil has been steadily rising and isn't always as cost-efficient as natural gas, as the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports. Still, heating oil has held on in the northeastern states, where 87% of all heating oil is used. To understand why, you have to know the history and benefits of heating oil. Read More