Using Your Senses To Check Your Outside Propane Tank After Severe Weather

25 June 2015
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You should always see to the integrity of your outdoor propane tank after any severe storm or other weather condition. Extreme weather can physically impact your tank or cause a leak. Here's how you should use your senses when checking your tank after severe weather.

Use Your Nose and Ears

The smell of propane is a strong odor akin to rotten eggs. If you smell it as you approach your propane tank, then it's possible you have a leak. If the smell is that obvious, then you should go no closer to the tank.

Instead, turn off the gas and call your fire department or a professional propane or propane tank service. They can guide you toward what you need to do next. But it's important that you get yourself and anybody else away from the propane tank.

On the other hand, if the scent is light, or barely discernible, while you're closer to the tank, then the same rules apply. You should turn the gas off, leave the vicinity of the tank, and report the possible leak. Of course, if you smell nothing, it doesn't mean that you're in the clear yet.

Along with sniffing for the smell of gas, you should also listen for the sound of escaping gas. Even if you cannot smell it, hearing it is just as much of a cause for concern.

Use Your Sight

What do you see? Has the propane tank moved at all? Do you notice any dents or other kind of damage? At the sign of movement or physical damage, you should have your tank inspected immediately. Don't just look at the tank itself, though.

You must also check to see if any of your gas lines have any damage as well. Even a slight bend can turn into a problem. Also look at the tank cover and underneath it. Are the valves intact? Does the regulator look alright to you? If everything is in order, then your tank is probably fine.

Use Your Common Sense

It's not only in the aftermath of a hurricane that you should wonder about the integrity of your propane tank. You should always stay vigilant when it comes to your tank. It's not that you shouldn't trust your tank; propane tanks are extremely safe. However, remember that some storms can toss cars around as if they weigh nothing. It only makes sense that you should check on your tank after severe weather events. In all cases, if you suspect anything at all, or if you're simply unsure, contact a professional propane service