2 Ways To Get Power At Your Hunting Cabin

30 August 2016
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If you have a cabin up in the woods where you spend a few weeks a year hunting, you probably want to be as comfortable at your cabin as you are at home. One thing that you may think that you need in order to be comfortable is electricity. That way you can run a refrigerator, charge your devices, and have lights. The problem with getting power out to your cabin is that if it is up in the woods, you probably can't run a power line out to it. There are other alternatives that you can use so you can power up your cabin. 


One option is to bring a generator out to your cabin. There are a variety of sizes that you can choose from. You can get a generator that is just big enough to run a couple of lights and charge your devices or one that is big enough to power your entire cabin, including a refrigerator, stove, and oven. While you can get the right size generator, there are some problems with using a generator to power your hunting cabin. One of the problems is that you have to transport enough fuel to run your generator. That means you either have to storing the fuel in large tanks at your cabin or bring fuel every time you come up. Another problem is that generators are loud and smelly. You don't want to have anything noisy that might drive away the animals that you are there to hunt or that can disturb the peace you may be looking for. 


Another option available to you is to use solar panels. You install the panels on your roof or on a stand near your cabin. The panels absorb the energy given out by the sun, and then send it to the inverter. From the inverter, the power can either go straight to whatever you want to be powered, or you can send the juice to batteries and then pull the energy from the batteries. The nice thing about filling batteries is that they tend to hold on to the power for a long time, so if you are going to be away from your cabin for a few weeks or months, you can disconnect the system and the batteries will still be ready to go when you get back. You can fill as many batteries as you want, which will make sure that you have power if it gets dark, snowy, or at night. For more information on installing a solar panel system at your cabin, contact a company in your area that sells cabin solar energy kits.

A lot of people really enjoy hunting. If you have a hunting cabin that you visit, you want to be comfortable there. Having power is one way to do that .