4 Reasons LED Panels May Be A Better Option For You

17 July 2019
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When you need a lot of light, you may want to consider something other than traditional lighting. LED lights are starting to become common for many uses, and the benefits that they offer make them worth considering. 

Lower Power Use

LED (light-emitting diodes) light panels use a substantially lower amount of electricity to operate than standards lighting. Panels may use hundreds of LEDs and still not use the electricity that a standard light bulb does, saving you money on your energy bill and reducing the strain on an already overtaxed electrical grid. Because the power draw is lower, you can use more LEDs in the same amount of space and still not raise the amount of the electric bill at the end of the month.

Lower Heat Output

One benefit of LED light panels that might not occur to some people is that they produce very little heat. Even a large panel with an array of hundreds or thousands of LEDs on it does not put off as much heat as traditional lighting. That heat can make a significant difference in some situations.

Photographers that used to work with studio lighting would spend hours under hot lights and, depending on what they were photographing, the heat could affect the time that they had to shoot the images. With LED panels, studio photographers no longer have to live with the heat of the lights but they can still get a clean, soft light to illuminate the subject matter.

Light Color Temperature Flexibility

The color of light is sometimes more important than how bright the light is. A light's color is typically expressed in Kelvin. LED panels often offer the option to adjust the light from 3000 Kelvin to as high as 7500 Kelvin with just a turn of a dial on the light. If you are trying to get a light similar to your surroundings, the ability to change the color temperature of the light is a must-have option.  

Higher Durability

Because LEDs are not made from glass and filled with gas like a standard light bulb or even a fluorescent tube, the LED is extremely durable. A panel filled with LEDs is easier to transport without the concern for damage and the light panels may be small so they take up less space than traditional lighting. 

A ten-inch LED panel can replace a large thirty-six-inch softbox or work light, take up a third of the space that the larger light would use, and do the job better at the same time. 

For more information on LED light panels, contact an LED light retailer near you.