Guide for Purchasing LED High Bay Lights for a Work Environment

9 December 2021
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Large work facilities like warehouses and shops require ample illumination, not just for a functional purpose, but to improve safety as well. LED high bay lights are wonderful solutions for these types of environments. As long as you use this guide, you can find a set of LED high bay lights that work out. 

Review Lifespan Expectancy 

One of the main benefits of LED high bay lights is their long-lasting nature. They can last a lot longer than other lighting solutions like incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Still, to choose the right set, you want to review this lighting's projected lifespan expectancy.

Manufacturers should specify this with an official rating, which was developed based on ample testing and design controls. You can look at these ratings and then refine your search to long-lasting bay lights that don't have to be swapped out for a while.

Select a Color Temperature 

Another way LED high bay lights can vary is through their color temperature. This is a factor used to describe a lighting's overall appearance. There will be a spectrum that you'll be able to browse through, ranging from vibrant reds to bluish whites. 

The best thing you can do is look at this color temperature spectrum in graph form and then decide what suits your preferences best. You might also want to see different color temperatures in person. Then you can choose bay lights with a color temperature that's practical and not irritating to the eyes.

Consider Bluetooth Capabilities

A lot of LED high bay light manufacturers are starting to make their lighting smart as it lets consumers use these lights more conveniently. One of these smart features is Bluetooth support. You should consider this feature because it's going to make things a lot easier.

For instance, you can connect the lights to a nearby network and then have the ability to control light settings using a smartphone. That enables you to make adjustments quickly, whether it's changing the overall brightness of the lighting or the color temperature if you have LED high bay lights with multiple options.

A smart investment you can make for a large indoor worksite is LED high bay lighting. Not only does it provide energy efficiency, but it can give off a lot of light in a safe manner. Just make sure your sights are focused on bay lighting with advantageous features and designs. Contact companies like Thin Light Technologies to learn more.