4 Ways to Increase Your Home's Value by Installing Solar Panels

18 February 2022
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If you plan to sell your home, installing solar panels is a good idea. Besides being a trendy improvement for homeowners, solar panels help cut energy bills. An energy-efficient home is every prospect's dream home. This article will break down four things you can do to elevate your home's resale value with solar panels.

1. Pick the Most Appropriate Solar Panel for Your Home

Different homes have different power needs. When it's time to install solar panels, you need to evaluate the number of devices that need to be powered in your home. If your power consumption is higher, you will have to go for solar panels with more power output.

The aim is to ensure your home gets enough energy without hurting your pocket. Also, make sure your system is easy to maintain. Potential buyers do not want a system that will have them calling a repair expert now and then.

2. Go for Solar Panels With Warranties

Another way to raise your home's value is to buy authentic solar panels. And what better way to do this than to buy solar panels with a manufacturer's warranty? Most potential home buyers want assurance that the solar panels will function at their best for many years to come. They also want to enjoy peace of mind that all repairs will be covered at no extra charges in the event of defects.

3. Choose the Right Installation Contractor

Choosing an accredited solar panel installation company can also go a long way in boosting your home's resale value. Check whether the installation company is certified and insured. Also, check whether the installers are backed with a service warranty. This ensures that any installation issues will be covered, which may sway prospects to close the deal faster.

4. Compare Leased or Owned Solar Panels

When it is time to install solar panels, you can lease or buy the systems. Leasing allows you to enjoy the perks of solar energy without paying any upfront costs. However, buying solar panels means you have to pay the upfront costs, but you will own the solar panels.

So, what does this mean for your home's resale value? A lease means anyone who buys your home must be ready to take over paying the remaining lease amount. However, very few prospects would want that. On the contrary, purchasing your solar panels can raise your home's resale value, since many buyers will want to acquire the ownership of the house plus the solar panels.

If you plan to improve your house before selling it, installing a solar panel is a great starting point.